Jelly Belly Jelly Beans


Delivery Policy


We are unable to provide an anonymous delivery service. In cases where a signature is not provided on the greeting card which accompanies an order, we will reveal the name of the sender to the recipient if requested.

Whether or not the order is actually delivered during the selected time frame depends on the delivery time which is arranged during our telephone conversation with someone at the residence. The delivery time which is established during this call takes priority over the time frame posted on the order.

If the recipient is unavailable when we arrive, the balloons will be left at the business location.

Balloons must be accepted in person and will not be left at the entrance unattended. We will call the recipient/residence and arrange a delivery time to ensure that someone will be at the residence to accept the order. This call will be made the morning of the scheduled delivery date or the day prior to delivery. If the call is made on the scheduled delivery date and the recipient is unavailable to accept the call, the order may arrive later than the posted deadline. The arrival time will be contingent on when the recipient returns the dispatcher’s call. If we are unable to reach the recipient/residence, we will contact you to arrange another delivery date. There are no refunds for deliveries that are not able to be made because there is no one available to accept the delivery date.

If the stated delivery procedures have been used and no one is available to accept a delivery when we arrive, the order will be returned to the shop and the sender will be notified. In such cases an additional delivery charge will apply to complete the delivery. Undeliverable orders will not be refunded.

Latex balloons are banned from all hospitals due to latex allergy issues. Mylar (foil) balloons are usually acceptable. However, in some cases a particular patient may not be able to receive balloons of any type. Customers should contact the hospital for approval before sending balloons to a patient. Customer must also confirm that the patient is still a hospital guest on the day of delivery. Home delivery arrangements may be able to be accommodated for the same or next day. No refund are available due to being undeliverable.

Deliveries to hotel guests are made in care of the front desk, bell desk, or concierge. The customer is responsible for ensuring that the hotel completes the delivery.

BALLOON DELIVERIES TO A SCHOOL (elementary, middle, high school)
WE NEED PERMISSION. Not all schools permit balloon deliveries to students. Those that do require that the delivery be made to the main office. Some schools permit the delivery of only mylar balloons, due to latex allergies. Please check to see if this restriction is applicable before placing your order and make your selection accordingly. We offer many mylar balloon arrangements for all occasions. The customer is responsible for ensuring that balloon deliveries are allowed at the student’s school and that the school office contacts the student to pick up the balloons. If the student rides a bus, balloons are not allowed on school buses.


Unfortunately, we are currently unable to provide balloon deliveries to college students at Western Washington University.  Dorms do not allow balloon deliveries and the off-campus residence surrounding the campus are simply too difficult to deliver to due to the lack of parking and in some cases extreme terrain. We have also had far too many instances of recipients/residence not being available when we arrive.


Submitting an order indicates acceptance of the following cancellation policy.

1. Once your order is placed, the pickup/delivery time slot is reserved for you and supplies to complete your order are purchased. Orders canceled 14 days or more prior to the pickup/delivery date are eligible for store credit equal to monies paid, however, no refund will be given. Orders canceled less than 14 days prior to the pickup/delivery date are not eligible for a refund or store credit.

2. HOW TO CANCEL AND CHANGE Please send your request by email to and leave a phone message at our office at (360) 733-9571. Please consider your order canceled or changed only when you have received confirmation by email.

3. SEVERE WEATHER POLICY In the event of a severe weather forecast, Posh Balloon Decor will contact the customer at least one day prior to delivery to reconfirm, postpone, or cancel/refund the order. Posh Balloon Decor is not able to change or cancel an order if the request is made on the delivery date. If Posh Balloon Decor is unable to deliver an order due to inclement weather, the customer will be notified as soon as possible to arrange rescheduling or cancellation and refund.


Our balloons float time is 2 days if used indoors. However, no balloon can be guaranteed to float for any length of time. We pre-build our bouquets at least 3 hours ahead of delivery time so we have time to check for any balloons with leaks and replace them. Foil/Mylar balloons are temperature sensitive and shrink when exposed to cold and expand when exposed to heat. The balloons arrive inflated and assembled, ready to display.


The bouquet photo shows most of the front view of each balloon used in this bouquet. It may not accurately represent how the bouquet will appear in person. Because balloons twist and turn when moved, or due to air flow in a room, we do not guarantee that they will arrive or remain in a specific formation.


Posh Balloon Décor strives to use the same balloon designs that are illustrated on the site. Because each item is handcrafted and meticulously designed as per each order’s customizations, the actual product may vary. Posh Balloon Decor guarantees that the arrangements are created in the same size and style as the provided illustration. For optimal design, substitutions that coordinate best with the designs are utilized.

Choking Hazard 

Popped or uniflated balloon pose a choking hazard when placed in or near the mouth. Dispose of popped or deflated balloons immediately. Keep all balloon out of the reach of children and animals.